Corporate Chic

So lets talk office wear. I spend more time at the office then I do in my bed [the sad truth]. As a result- its safe to say that my closet is full of those business clothes essentials. This dress- it comes in clutch.

Since I’m an intern, aka balling on a budget, I go for cute clothes at cuter prices. This crepe dress from H&M is only 15.00, and pairs well with everything.


Without a blazer, this is the perfect quick look to have when you need to be at the office at 9:00, and you wake up at 8:59.


The dress itself has these cute geometric details- and you can always grab a stand out accessory like this bag to complete the look.

Any blazer you pick would stand out, but I went with this floral blazer. This is center-of-attention jacket and the grey dress works well with it.


Now if you’re going for an interview or formal meeting then toss of the floral and put on a dark grey, navy, or black blazer. The key to killing an interview is exuding confidence- and this look does that for me.





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  1. Anonymous says:

    Loved this!


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