Shall we talk mac & cheese?

There are basic macaroni and cheese dishes- and then there is sublime ones. To be labelled sublime you need to be extra cheesy, golden crusty, and borderline salty.

House of Mac gets a √√√ for every single one. They have a FIVE cheese TRUFFLE mac and cheese that is baked to order, and comes with the perfect 60% cheese to 40% pasta ratio. So far its been the best eat I’ve had in Miami. Don’t brie-lieve me? – Refer to Exhibit Yummy A, B, and C below. ⇓

Exhibit Yummy A-If there is more pasta than cheese in the dish-then they did it wrong


You’re just going to have to trust me on the borderline salty requirement- or you can go to House of Mac and try it yourself. They are a food truck in Wynwood Yard so its dinner and entertainment on the weekends. Also, don’t forget to check in on Yelp for 10% off the order.

House of Mac Details:


Yelp Deal: 10% off when you check in


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