Finger Food – Ethiopian Style

Roll up your sleeves, and sanitize you hands because we’re eating Ethiopian food! Lucy Ethiopian Cafe has been the first place that I’ve found that serves this cuisine. I was so excited when it showed up on Yelp!

I really did not know anything about Ethiopian cuisine before going to this cafe, but I am all about living on the food edge. The owners of Lucy are great to first timers, and left card on each table explain the rules of eating the food. The most important rule is that there will be none of this spoon, and fork business! You have to eat everything with your hands.

We got the menu, and I have to admit I was a little lost. We ended up just picking random dishes, and here is what the end result is:

The drinks that we tried was the iced peanut tea, and the carrot ginger juice. The peanut tea was amazing! It was like sipping a subdued version of peanut butter, and who would not want to drink some PB? The carrot ginger juice was too gingery for all of our tastes though.


So the shining star of every Ethiopian meal is injera which is a sourdough flatbread. Now I would use the term bread loosely because it is quite different from sliced bread. img_0983.jpgThe texture is spongy, and very soft. The bread itself has a subtle flavor that pairs well with the spice in all the dishes!

Here is what I decided to try:

FOUR CVC – 4 Veggie Combo



From left to right:  Gomen– spiced collard greens | Spinach – spiced spinach and potato Kik Aletcha – split peas in a ginger garlic sauce | Miser Wot – spicy red lentils

All of these come with injera, and you just tear the bread, and dip it into one of these entrees. The spic level is at a medium.

My favorite one from this dish was the Kik Aletcha. I loved the spices lentils soaked with the bred


So I don’t know who decided to put bread, spicy butter, hot sauce, sour cream, and honey together….but it worked!

I got this because it sounded so interesting!! The flavor was more sweet than spicy though, and the sour cream really worked. I shared this dish with 2 other people, and to be honest I would not be able to eat the entire thing in one sitting. It is definitely an acquired taste.


I left the cafe with a very satisfied feeling, and I will definitely go back there to try the other things on the menu.  Just keep in mind that this spot had slow service so go when you have time to spare. Also if you want more details about Ethiopian food check out this this Buzzfeed Article.

Definitely comment if you go to Lucy’s, and let me know what’s good to try there!

Yelp Page




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