The Tassel Hassle

We spend so much money just buying the cap and gown for graduation. And really- 89% of our pictures will cover up any outfit. So, we shouldn’t even bother buying anything for under it, right?

Wrong –[unless you want to go commando, in which case- hell yes]

I was honestly more excited to pick out the dress that I was going to wear for graduation, then the actual fact that all my hard work was finally coming to an end. I still gave myself a budget, because 1. that pesky cap/gown cost money 2. it will only be seen for 11% of the event.

These were my parameters for the dress: I did not want a long dress because I did not like the look of it hanging past the gown. I did not want black because I always wear black. I did not want a fit and flare because it was too “spring graduation”. I did not want a bubble dress because it doesn’t photograph me in a flattering way. So what did I want?  I wanted something form fitting, and different. I was open to any style- lace, floral, velvet, whatever. I think I went shopping thinking, “I want to be a little sexy.” So this is what I got:


This dress immediately caught my eye. The color is a muted purple tone, and the lace detail was absolutely beautiful. The color suited my skin tone really well, and it was just so different from what others would pick to wear. I love how it fit my body, and I especially love the length! I am 5″9 in those heels, and it sat perfectly at my knee.


As you can see the dress had beautiful cap sleeves, and a high neck. It played with the sheer and solid to show a little skin on the waist. I love anything crop top so this detail was bae for me.


Look at how feminine the neck line looks with the gown! I just felt so badass and cool in this dress. The shoes were definitely the icing on the cake though:


Thank god I’m not too ticklish, but man these would still be worth it. I wanted something quirky and eye-catching for my heels. This did the job, my friends. These Call It Spring strappy, poofy, sexy heels are everything. They can complement any outfit, but still be a statement accessory. I was strutting my stuff in these babies during my photo shoot.

So this was my first look for under $50.00. Spoiler Alert: My next one involved camel hues, and lace ups. Check out my 2nd blog – The Tassel Turner. I would also love to hear which look you liked better!

Buy My Look:

Heels:  The ones I am wearing are sold out, but check out a similar look-
Steven Madden- Macys

Dress: L’Astiste

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