Swerve the KERB- Navigating Camden Market 

If there’s one good thing that came out of Britian’s consequential nature it is the food variety! If you really want to try different foods in one sitting then your best bet is Kerb Camden Market.

They have 34 food stalls, and a lot of options. I had to walk around twice to see all the menus before I made a commitment on what to order! Luckily, I had a local guide who recommended her top eats. This spot is very popular for people to come on their lunch breaks during the rare sunny days in London so she escorted us through the food maze like a pro.

These are the places we went to, and check out my reviews and map guide below:

Oli Baba’s : Halloumi Fries – Turkish style loaded mozzarella sticks
The Mac Factory: Super Mario “Gourmet Cheesy Tubes”
Kolkati: Fresh spin on a classic Indian kati roll
Eden Ethiopian Coffee: Tall,Dark and Yummy Coffee
Cereal Killer: 130 different types of cereals.

On your mark(et), get set, go! 

Oli Baba’s: Like any good maze, the prize at the center was cheese. Our first food choice was halloumi fries. London seems to be big on halloumi,because I’ve never even noticed it on a menu in the US. What really caught my attention was the toppings! The fries are drizzled with za’atar yogurt, mint, and pomegranate molasses. Then to top it off they added sumac, Turkish chili, and pomegranate seeds.

Photo Jun 25, 11 17 59 AM
Halloumi Fries by Oli Baba’s – £6.00

I was one fry into eating it when I thought, “Hey, where’s the cheese?” Then I realized – the fries are the cheese. Mind. Blown.

The Mac Factory: The next stop was the mac and cheese stall that apparently is infamous amongst the locals. My tour guide immediately pointed to the Super Mario and said, “That’s the best one!” This dish included sauteed mushroom, truffle oil and garlic. Warning: the people who work there are a bit crass. But, the food was good.

Super Mario by The Mac Factory – £7.00

Kolkati – Our next conquest was just a few stalls down.  Kati Rolls are a classic Indian dish with dry seasoned paneer(cheese) or meat , soaked in sauces and rolled in a fluffy flatbread. I loved this spot because their food wasn’t greasy, and they changed up the usual sauces! They put coconut and coriander yogurt, date chutney, and fresh lime.

Photo Jul 06, 10 19 04 AMPhoto Jul 06, 10 18 43 AM








Remember I mentioned ‘soaked in sauces’? Grab a lot of napkins because when you bite in you will them. Silver lining: people can’t distinguish the  difference between the sauce and your drool from how good this is.

Eden Ethiopian Coffee -Who needs dessert when you can get coffee?  Eden is the go to afternoon pick me up spot! They probably had the longest line in KERB, and for all the right reasons. They serve authentic Ethiopian coffee. I got the iced latte with hazelnut flavoring (it was a hot day), and my lovely tour guide got it with chocolate flavoring to sweeten the coffee kick. This is a very strong coffee so definitely add a sweetener if you need it!

Photo May 22, 10 41 16 AMphoto-may-22-10-45-51-am.jpg







Cereal Killer: A friend on mines responded to my story telling me that I missed out on something amazing- The Cereal Killer. If you’re a cereal fan or a pun fan (me!) you do not want to skip out on this cafe. They have over 130 cereals to choose from, and its perfectly acceptable to be basic and just order the granola if that is what floats your boat!

I spend hours at this market, both inside by the stalls, and outside enjoying the view and shopping. This has to be a go to destination on your vacation to London, or a new lunch break venue if you live there.

Photo May 22, 3 54 45 PM


#13 – Oli Baba  |  #14 – The Mac Factory |  #18 – Kolkati | Walk past #9 – Eden Ethiopian Coffee  |  Walk past #34- The Cereal Killer

Address: London NW1 8AF, UK

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