Top 5 Vegan Desserts- Miami Edition

Usually, I would never really call myself a person with a “sweet tooth”. But things have changed since Miami stepped up their vegan dessert scene. These are my top 5 places that have been just too tempting for me to pass up!

Salty Donut –>  Artisanal Cake Donuts
Glam Vegan –> Elevated Truffles, Pies, and Custards
Wynwood Parlour  –> Ice Cream Sandwiches
specialTEA Lounge –> Matcha Chocolate Chip Cookies
Vegan and Juice –> Homestyle Cakes and Cupcakes


Everyone in Miami knows this infamous artisanal donut shop. Now that it has the official spot in Wynwood Arcade, I swing by once every few months to check out their new creations. Salty will always have one vegan option on their menu, but they change the flavor of it occasionally. You can find what donut they have by checking out the website. What I’ve eaten there so far is: Coffee Crumble with Biscotti, Sweet Potato Pie with Marshmallow, and Pistachio Orange White Chocolate. They make cake donuts which means that it’s a heavier bite, but its so well flavored. Nothing is ‘sugar-y’ sweet, and you really do taste every ingredient that they say is in the donut.

8/16/2017 Current flavor choice- Banana ‘Bread’: baked banana donut, saigon cinnamon caramel glaze, topped with mixed streusel
I love the originality of these flavors, because a lot of the time we end up with basic desserts because restaurants don’t put out adventurous vegan options. I appreciate Salty’s effort to keep the vegan community in mind. Also, definitely try their unique coffees. They seem to have a lot of fun infusing their coffees with cinnamon toast crunch, cocoa puffs, or salted caramel popcorn. And trust me, I have a lot of fun drinking them.

Location: 50 NW 23rd St #112, Miami, FL 33127
Check their Instagram before going to see if they are not sold out. I sometimes call to make sure they have their vegan option in stock before driving over.
Delivery: UberEats- sometimes the app is outdated about the flavors available. So call the store and ask! Everyone who works there is so nice and helpful.


So I have a food crush on this restaurant. I stumbled onto their Instagram and fell in love. I like food that is pretty, and they make beautiful desserts. They have a really great variety and I tried the staffs’ top picks! Keep in mind that all their desserts have no added processed sugars- just natural things like dates. The first thing you’re going to want to try is their truffle chocolate balls that are rolled in different toppings. I tried the goji berry one- the creamy chocolate paired so well with the crunchy fruit.

*photograph from @glam.vegan

The next thing I was recommended was the Matcha Tea Custard. Because there are no extra sugars the matcha taste really comes through, and the passion fruit on top was the perfect amount of tart. Need I go on? Yes- I need. My next pick was the Ube Pie. It is an allspice flavored purple sweet potato that was just such a smooth and creamy bite.

Definitely check out their menu for the rest of their amazing options!
Location: 301 NE 1st Ave Suite 103-1, Miami, FL 33137


I’m pretty happy to say that most ice cream parlours have vegan options or sorbets on their menu. But I’m high maintenance, and require an ice cream sandwich every once in awhile. Wynwood Parlour makes the BEST vegan ice cream sandwiches. I say this with authority because it is the only company that I have come across who does this. I actually haven’t eaten it from the truck, but rather from Mister Block which is one of the locations that has a mini freezer that stocks up on these lovely creations.

So far I’ve only tried one flavor but it was so great. It is called the Secret Vegan which is vanilla rice and almond ice cream sandwiched between gluten free vegan chocolate chip cookies. Please keep in mind that this is no small bite. Two scoops of ice cream, Two cookies, Too good.
Locations: Wynwood Parlour Truck | Halves & Wholes | The Broken Shaker | Pizza Bar | Mister Block Cafe | Vicky’s House | The Anderson
Delivery: Eat24 , UberEats, GrubHub


Can we please have a round of applause for these trendsetters? Every time I come back to this café they’ve expanded their vegan menu options. I first came to specialTEA for their bubble tea drinks, and stayed for the vegan goodies. The main reason they are on this list is for their matcha cookies. I mean, drinking the tea is pretty awesome, but eating it in a cookie?  *Cue Drool* Seriously though, this green chocolate chip cookie really really is a necessity to try. The texture is very moist and gooey.

For my non-vegan people, you will love this if you like the texture of Chips Ahoy Chewy cookies. If you’re not a fan of matcha then go for the vegan chocolate chip, double chocolate chip, or brownie options. You cannot go wrong with any of these desserts.
Go Green!
Location: 10766 SW 24th St, Miami, FL 33165
Delivery: Postmates


Cookies? Check. Chocolate Cake? Check. Carrot Cake? Check. Raw Desserts? Check. Key Lime Pie? Check. Check. Check.
Vegan and Juice is like a candy store to me. They have the freshest smoothies on the block, a wide variety of empandas, and a food bar to grab a healthy meal. But the one thing I will swing by for is their carrot cake. This is an amazing bite from top to bottom. The cake itself has the perfect balance of all spice seasoning, and the frosting complements the nutmeg-y taste of the cake to a tee. That’s my main go-to at this spot, but you know I’m taking a slice or two of their blueberry and chocolate as well.

Location: 115 SW 107th Ave, Miami, FL 33174
Delivery: DoorDash

This is just the vegan-ning! I’ll keep posting about other cool vegan spots around town. I really do love these restaurants, and they all deserve props for catering to vegans here in Miami. So definitely swing by and support them! Your taste buds will thank you.

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